Automated Quality Assurance applied to Anti-Money Laundering

Quality Assure all Investigator high risk decisions situations?

  • Proprietary Machine learning solution can automatically quality assure 100% of Investigator decision making at Levels 1 and 2.
  • Machine reads investigation documents, extracts hundreds of cognitive data points, generating a cognitive fingerprint™ for every investigation.
  • Compares investigator decisions against examples of best practice learned from machine analysis of thousands of human QA assessments.

Target risk more effectively

  • Apply consistent automated expert QA analysis and assessment to every Investigator decision.
  • Identify a higher volume of Investigator cases that Fail and direct these to human QA Analysts for assessment.
  • Identify Investigator cases that match Level 3 SARs patterns and other L3 high risk markers.
  • Drive actions based upon unique performance insights.

Enhance AML Risk Mitigation, faster, for Lower Cost

Quality Assure more Investigator high risk decisions.

  • Our unique Decision Imaging™ technology can automatically read and analyse thousands of unstructured AML Investigator summary documents in minutes.
  • The unique system will extract hundreds of data points from every document, and precisely map the key evidence, reasoning, judgement and justification applied by the Investigator in reaching their decision.
  • The bespoke AML model applies trusted machine learning methods against defined Gold Standard QA outcomes to uncover the key patterns of information within the Decision Image that produces Pass / Fail / Feedback assessments.

Precisely understand people risk in AML operations

Quality Assure more Investigator high risk decisions.

  • An on-going forensic risk profile of each Investigator is produced based upon their actual cognitive performance on every AML case they have completed.
  • Intelligent QA can precisely benchmark the very best QA Analysts.
  • Your bank requires fewer QA Analysts delivering measurably higher quality output.
  • Human QA activities are enhanced and focused by machine insights.
  • Recruitment problems are materially reduced and overall AML team quality is materially improved.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

New standards of consistency, transparency and traceability for AML decision making.

  • Evidenced quality assurance coverage of 100% of alert investigations and investigation personnel
  • Automatic classifier measures every investigation against expert standard, evidenced rationales provide total traceability for regulatory review
  • Automation ensures complete consistency of quality standards
  • Detailed analytics insights inform intervention strategies and provide proof of impacts

Insights for Executive Decision Making

Who, where, how and why

Machine Delta’s Intelligent QA solution delivers, powerful QA analytics that predict and explain the cognitive performance of every Investigator and QA Analyst:

  • precise Investigator risk ratings
  • error predictions across different alert typologies
  • causes of Investigator error
  • reliability of human QA Analyst assessments
  • Gold Standard performance scenarios
  • Level 3 SARs patterns recognised at Level 1

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